Keep your Cyclamen looking beautiful!

Cyclamen are beautiful blooming plants that can be grown indoor or outdoor.  The plants can tolerate cold weather (light frost), but should be acclimated to cooler temperatures when coming out of a greenhouse or out of your home.

Cyclamen are best known for their unique bright blooms in shades of red, pink, and white.  The blooms are unlike most in that the buds point downward and the petals spiral upward as they open.  Besides the beautiful flowers, the leaves are just as striking.  They are typically a dark green with white to light green patterns.


How do I water a cyclamen?

Cyclamen are a corm (a type of bulb), with all of the leaves and buds growing from one main point.  Watering should be done under the leaves and away from the center (growing point) of the plant.   You can also water cyclamen by putting water in the tray and allowing the plant to soak it up.  If the plant does not soak up the water after an hour or two, it is best to dump the remaining water out to avoid root rot.  Allow the top of the soil to dry to touch between flowering.

Do I need to fertilize?

Cyclamen do like to be fertilized to continue producing beautiful blooms and leaves.  Fertilize monthly for the best blooms.

What kind of light?

Cyclamen do best in bright light, whether it is direct or indirect when inside.  If you are planting outdoors, it is best to put in partial sunlight.

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