Spooky Miniature Gardens

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We’ve been busy making Halloween miniature gardens and want to share the fun with you! Follow these easy steps to create your own ghoulish, tabletop landscape. Perfect for your home, office or anywhere you want to add some Halloween “spirits”!

Step 1: Gather Materials

Choose a container with appropriate drainage. You will also need potting mix, plants (the more shriveled and sad-looking, the better!), decorative rocks or moss and your favorite miniature Halloween items.


Step 2: Dig In!

Fill your container with potting mix and any plants that will help create that “spooky” atmosphere. Remember to use plants with similar growth requirements when assembling your miniature garden. (Sun-loving plants with other sun-loving plants, Succulents with other succulents,ect.)


Step 3: Glam it up!

Now add any decorative moss, rock, or other material over the soil. This will hold the soil in place when watering while adding glitz at the same time!


Step 4: Now for the fun part…..

Insert novelty Halloween miniatures that startle, surprise or delight!


Happy Halloween!

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