Making the Most of your Halloween Décor

If you have shopped at Culver’s in October, you probably know that we love Halloween almost as much as fall.  Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to be scary for your budget.  Here are a few tips for making the most out of your Halloween Décor.

A few simple tricks to decorate for Halloween

Step 1: Find a few key Halloween décor pieces.  This can be anything from an adorable Jack O’Lantern, to a classic witch hat, or even a scary crow…whatever your style is!

Step 2: Gather your everyday black, orange, or purple décor.  Choose from pieces of fabric to a glazed pot you just cleaned your summer annuals out of.  (Not a fan of the classic Halloween colors?  Try decorating in black and white for a different twist on Halloween)

Step 3: Once you have everything gathered, make a statement by grouping your items together in an entryway, dining room, etc…wherever you think they will make the most impact.  Think about draping fabric or adding lights for a dramatic look!

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Mixing orange and black everyday items with a few Halloween pieces for a dramatic look.

*Excludes Isabel Bloom and Halloween miniature garden items

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