Is Your Pine Tree Losing Its Needles?


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Has your pine tree been dropping needles this Fall? Don’t worry, it’s normal for this time of year!

Needles on pines and most other conifers do not stay alive forever. New needles grow every spring and summer and last two or more years. So, as the tree grows larger, old needles are toward the trunk and young needles are at the ends of the branches.

Older needles turn brown and die for two reasons:

  • The older the needles get, the less efficient they are at producing food for the tree.
  • Older needles are shaded by the newer growth.


It is normal for about one-third of the needles to die and fall off during the Fall season. Either, rake up the needles and use them to mulch your hostas as a natural slug repellent, or simply leave them under the tree to retain moisture in the soil.

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