When it Snows - Culver's operates 24 hrs/day - 7 days a week!

Snow is a major weather disturbance. At Culver’s we pride ourselves on the awareness of SAFETY during this time of the year. It is critical for our trained staff to remove your snow in a timely and professional manner. With Culver’s extensive fleet of trucks equipped with GPS tracking, snow plows, tractors, endloaders and more, we are well suited to manage your snow and ice removal needs.

At Culver’s, we believe that proper and frequent communication is essential to building the relationship we are looking for with our customers. Don’t take the risk of someone falling and becoming injured on your property. We understand the level of service required to protect you from liability and negligence. We have been providing snow removal since 1984, and we have been growing out fleet ever since. 

What we Provide

We prepare a plan for each snowfall and we’re ready when it hits. Our phones are answered 24/7 during a snow event. The team members designated for your property have been professionally trained, know where to place the snow and where the boundaries are.

We provide the following services:

We currently provide snow removal and ice management for:

Snow Removal Clients

We provide snow removal services for clients who are signed up for our mowing and fertilizer programs. We do not provide one-time plow services for residential or commercial properties. 

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We would love the opportunity to learn more about your needs as well as tell you more about our services and capabilities. To receive a quote, either fill out our online professional services form or call us directly at (319) 377-4195.