Jellybean Rug…”washes better than your jeans”

Why do we sell rugs in a garden center?  Find out how they can improve your in and outdoors below!

The Versatile Rug

treerugJellybean rugs are great to add a pop of color and style to the home.  They can be used as an accent rug in any room or front doorstep, inside or outside.  Jellybean rugs come in a wide variety of prints, patterns, and colors that can match any home décor.  Inexpensive enough to be able to switch it out with the changing of the seasons.  And, for those who want to be eco-friendly, they are made from 35% recycled material.

Jellybean Rug…”washes better than your jeans”

foxrugKeep your Jellybean Rug looking brand new with easy care instructions.  Machine wash cold with like colors on a gentle cycle.  Do not use bleach and do not iron.  To dry, line dry or dry flat.  If there are loose yarns, do not pull.  Simply trim off any pilling that may occur on the surface of the Jellybean Rug.  Liners under the Jellybean Rug are recommended to prevent sliding.  The rugs can be used indoor or outdoor in direct or indirect sunlight.  If used near a swimming pool, the chlorine in the water may damage the color of the rug.


Time to jazz up your home with style and comfort!  Add that pop of color to any room or front doorstep!

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