Under the Sea, Why Would That Be?

This week we are featuring Kristen’s Favorite Thing, the Under the Sea display in the gift shop.  Want to know why this is one of Kristen’s Top Picks at Culver’s?…keep reading. 🙂

Why Under the Sea?

When we asked Kristen what her favorite thing was this summer, she initially said, “The sea turtles!”  When we dove further into conversation, Kristen decided, she just loved the entire Under the Sea display.  So why did Kristen choose the Under the Sea display in the gift shop as her favorite thing this summer?  As an avid traveler, Kristen loves to visit the ocean every chance she can get.  She has been to 3 oceans and would love to see them all!  What makes the sea so enjoyable?  Her favorite thing at the ocean is, as you may have guessed, the sea turtles.  At Culver’s this season, we have some adorable sea turtle dishes that can be used indoors.  If you prefer the outdoors, we have some turtles for the garden, as well!  All of these things, along with the mermaids, whales, and color scheme (blues and greens) make for a nostalgic trip back to the ocean.


So, what can you do with the sea turtles?

If you don’t want to serve food out of the cute dishes, you could use the small bowls as a planter for a succulent or terrarium plant, or even an air plant.  The cutting board would also make a great wall hanging!  If you love the ocean as much as Kristen, you will also love the driftwood mermaids, coral reef balls, glass and ceramic whales, and picture frame that says ‘Swim Like a Mermaid’.  The colors certainly are magical in this display

DSC_0139  DSC_0500-2


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