Why Rocks Rock!

This month we will be featuring our Staff Favorite Things of the Week!  This week, we are featuring Jennifer’s pick of the week, rocks.

Why do Rocks Rock?

At Culver’s we aim to stay on trend, and natural stones are just that.  If you look at Pinterest or any magazine these days, you are sure to see some inspiration from nature in the form of rocks.  We think Rocks Rock mainly because they are a beautiful piece of nature that you can easily bring indoors or keep outside, they require no green thumb, and they can be appreciated by anyone.

Wondering why this is Jennifer’s favorite thing at Culver’s?  As a child, Jennifer was an avid rock collector.  She would go to rock shops, dig through bins of agates, geodes and more, just to find the perfect one.  The beautiful colors, layers, and patterns in the rocks were only a few of the reasons she search high and low for those perfect additions to her collections.  She also loved learning where the stone originated from and how they formed.  Jennifer amazingly enough still has her rock collection from the 90s, but she is super excited to add to it.  Her new favorite is the selenite towers pictured below.  She loves that they can take on any color that they are sitting on, as well as glow if lit from below.  As a new addition to our terrarium area, you can find a nice selection ranging from amethyst clusters and agate slices to peacock ore and sandstone.  There are over 40 different types of stones!


What do you do with a rock?

 These unique pieces of nature can be used in terrariums, as paper weights, book ends, wall art or just to add interest to any space.  We love the way they add color and texture to terrariums, like this one!


For more fun ways to use rocks, check out our album on pinterest here!




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