“Be Good to People”

A good reminder…”Be Good to People.”

“Be Good to People.  It’s so simple…it’s black and white.”

Be Good to People is a line of clothing and accessories that should be an inspiration to all of us.  Their mission is to “create a kinder world”.  World Kindness Day is November 13th and we need to spread the word because we could use a little more kindness in this world.  In 2008, Kris Wittenberg started the company Be Good to People after a rude experience she encountered with a stranger on her lunch break.  Be Good to People offers products “that provide a much needed reminder, a call to action and welcome relief in a complicated world.”

“We believe that people are inherently Good…
…sometimes they just need to be reminded.”

World Kindness Day started when a group of humanitarians made a “Declaration of Kindness” in 1997.  Kindness can be shared in many ways, and most of all, it can be free.  Holding the door open for a stranger can make their day, and a smile can go a long way!  Donate books to the local library, donate clothes to a shelter, volunteer to help where help is needed.

Be Good to People products are a great way to remind people of kindness, and how simple it is to be kind to someone.


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