Preparing Your Garden for the Spring

Eager for the spring? Who says we can’t get started now?! January, February, and March are great months to plan your garden for the spring. We encourage you to plan ahead so that you’re prepared when it’s time to plant. It’ll be here before we know it! Here are a few tips –

  • Get your seeds early! While it may not be time to plant quite yet, you can certainly pick out your seeds! Once April hits, seeds go very quickly. Grab yours soon to make sure you get the selection you want. We have a large assortment available in the garden center!

  • If you’re new to vegetable gardening, start small! It’s easy to get excited about your new endeavor and plant a lot at once, but you may not be able to keep up with it all. You’ll be more successful if you start with a few items and focus on those first. Then, as you get the hang of it, you can continue to expand your garden in the following years.

  • Keep a gardening journal! What worked well for you last year? What are new things you want to try? Have a brainstorming session and write down your thoughts so you can have a clear vision for the year! Be sure to keep a journal throughout the growing season so you know what did and didn’t work when next year comes.

  • Think about the foods you enjoy. When you’re eating something, what flavors do you wish you had? Decide what flavors you’d like to add to your daily meals, and plant veggies that will help you accomplish that!

  • Stagger your maturity dates – If you plant veggies that will all be ripe around the same time, it can be very overwhelming to keep up with. Choose veggies that have staggered maturity dates so your garden produces delicious foods all season long!

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