Using Succulents in a Mini Garden

Making a Miniature Garden using succulents is easy if you know the following things:

1) Location of your garden:  Succulents need sun to survive and look their best.  We recommend growing succulents near east and west windows, or in a south facing room.  Succulents can also handle full sun outdoors.   If you have little to no light, stick with low light plants or artificial plants for your garden.

2) What soil will be right?  Succulents and cacti need well drained soil.  Use a succulent/cactus mix or simply make your own.  Use 1 part sand to 2 parts potting mix (not potting soil).

3) Picking the right container:  Succulents love well drained soil and do best in a container with drainage.  If your container does not have a drainage hole, use a layer of rock in the bottom.

3) Caring for your garden:  Some succulents are slow growing, while others grow quickly.  If your succulents are getting too large for your container, most can be trimmed back to a suitable size.  If you have aloe or flap jacks, transplanting into a new container would be best.  Watering should be done when soil is dry to touch.  Depending on the time of year, this could be once per week to every 3-4 weeks.  If you have your garden outdoors, it may need watered more than once per week during the heat of summer.

4) Accessorizing your garden:  Once you have your plants in place, add decorative sand or rock.  If using moss, make sure to keep it away from the base of the succulent and monitor the plant to ensure it is not staying too wet.  Once your soil covering is in place, put miniature animals, furniture, etc. in place.

5) Enjoy!  Just know that you can easily change the look of your garden by moving your accessories around, adding a different color of rock, or by moving a plant.


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