Everything Has a (re)Purpose

This week we are featuring Rachel’s Favorite Thing (or Things) at Culver’s.  Keep reading to find out why Rachel loves our repurposed products at Culver’s!

Why repurposed?

When we asked Rachel what her favorite thing was at Culver’s, she had a hard time deciding.  She loves the Culver’s grown plants, the accessories in the gift shop…but there was one thing that stood out.  She enjoys anything repurposed.  Rachel said, “I love giving new life to old things!”  While in the greenhouse, she uses this upcycling passion to create one-of-a-kind displays, like the one below!


She used old burlap bags for college themed pillows, concrete blocks to make a faux couch and an old school desk to top off the back to school look.

Rachel has a new found love for our adironak chairs once she found out they were made from recycled plastic.  Not only do they fold up, have cup holders, and are rust/weather proof, but they are made from a recycled/repurposed product!

DSC_1350 cropedit

Beyond the adirondak chairs, we also carry several other repurposed/upcycled products that Rachel enjoys!  We have baskets and decorative spheres made from vintage clothing, scarves made from clothing remnants, and pumpkins made from reclaimed wood (one of the newest additions to the gift shop).




At home, Rachel doesn’t steer away from repurposed products, in fact she has several herself.  She has upcycled an old cattle tank for her vegetable garden, a coal bucket is planted with flowers to attract hummingbirds, and an old garden gate acts as a trellis for her cucumbers and peas!Whether at Culver’s or at home, repurposed things are part of her everyday life!

rachel gardenSun Sugar tomatoes thriving in the cattle tank garden!



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