When you come to our greenhouse, we hope you say, “Wow, how do they do it? What makes their plants so spectacular?” Some would say it’s our hand pinching, daily watering, or our strict selection process. Others might point out the incredible variety of plants we offer or the imaginative designs they see. But what really makes our plants shine is our staff. Nothing compares to their passion and focus they give daily. With years of plant knowledge and the desire to serve, our plants thrive. All of our annuals, veggies & herbs are hand-grown by our amazing growing team here at Culver’s! You can also find beautiful houseplants in our tropical greenhouse throughout the entire year.


Our annuals go through quite the journey before they make it to your home or business. At Culver’s, we grow all of our annuals from seeds, small plugs, or bulbs. Those that start as seeds are broadcast into a flat and grown into small seedlings. Whether a seedling, plug, or bulb, they are transplanted by hand into their final pot or hanging basket. After months of growing, our plants are hand pinched to promote full and beautiful growth. After a final spacing and their departure from our production greenhouses, they are ready to brighten your space.

Veggies & Herbs

Love fresh herbs and veggies? What better way to get them than to grow your own! At Culver’s, all of our vegetables & herbs are locally grown here in our greenhouses. We’ve selected the best varieties for our climate so they can perform well in your garden.

If you’d like to start your fruits & veggies from seed, we also have a great selection of seeds available in the garden center! Have questions on availability? Give us a call at 319-377-4195.

Custom Planters

At Culver’s, we want you to enjoy your planters all year long! Our designers can create custom arrangements just for you, for every season. Whether you need help designing your planter or you are short on time, our designers can create the seasonal planter of your dreams. Give us a call or contact us to order your planter today!

Here’s how it works. First, drop your planter off curbside or take measurements for a drop-in container. Next, talk with our team to select color and plants preferences. After we have an idea of what you are looking for, our designers will go to work making your masterpiece. In the end, you get to enjoy your planter all season long without the fuss of making a mess at home!


At Culver’s, you’ll find hundreds of varieties of houseplants, including ferns, succulents, tillandsia (air plants) and more. Houseplants impact our health in many ways. If you are looking for cleaner air and to filter harmful pollutants, then consider bringing one of these into your home or office!

At Culver’s we can help by providing you with:

  • Selection of Proper Houseplant Soil
  • Best Containers for Your Houseplants
  • Educated Horticulturists on staff to answer any of your questions


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We know life can get hectic. If you’re unable to visit the garden center, you can purchase a Culver’s Gift Card online! We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.