10 Reasons to Plant Perennials This Fall!

1. Warmer Soil:  The soil is warmer in fall than in spring, which allows for better root growth. Because the plants have less stress on the tops of the plants, the roots can form faster.

2. Easier to Care For: With seasonal rains and cooler temperatures, plants are easier to care for in the fall, because they typically require less water.

3. Easier to plant: The soil is often easier to dig and amend than our compacted, soggy spring soil.

4. More Favorable Weather: Weather in the fall is often more predictable than spring.  Besides the weather being better for the plants, it is also more comfortable to work in.

5. Your Memory is Fresh: After a long winter, it is hard to remember what you did or didn’t like about a certain area in your garden.  If you add perennials now, you will know where they need to go and you can get what you need to fill the space, rather than guessing when the plants are small in spring.

6. More Time: If you plant now, you will have more time next spring to spruce up your planters, yard, and home.

7. Better Prices: In fall, you can often find better prices on perennials, allowing your budget to go further.

8. More Established Nursery Stock: Perennials that are found in nurseries in the fall typically have larger root systems and will welcome a new home.

9. Head Start on Spring Color for Next Year: Because you are digging in the garden now, you add spring-flowering bulbs more easily, giving you the satisfaction of beautiful spring color after a long, cold winter

10. Good Selection: Because fall is a great time to plant, we still have a good selection of perennials for your garden!


Here are a few perennials we love that can still be planted this year (perennials marked with ^ are great for shade)

  • -Salvia
  • -Coneflowers
  • -Geraniums
  • -Coreopsis
  • -Sedum
  • -Anenome
  • -Mums
  • -Aster
  • -Brunnera^
  • -Astilbe^
  • -Hosta^

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