Plant a tree in memory of someone

In Memory

The planting of a tree or shrub is a timeless tribute to loved ones. Our professional nursery staff can guide you in the selection of a suitable living memorial.

Condolence Gifts


We offer a beautiful selection of planters, terrariums, and everlasting botanicals. Our caring staff can help you with an appropriate selection. Ask about local delivery.

Memorial Bench

express sympathy

Express your sympathy with an engraved bench, stone plaque, or statue. The staff at Culver's is here to guide you through your selection process.

Sympathy Angel Statue

with Love

Cherish the memory of your loved one with a beautiful chime or the tranquil sound of a water feature. These thoughtful items can serve as a reminder of your loved one.

Isabel Bloom

From the heart

Give a gift from the heart, with a heartfelt sculpture handcrafted in Davenport, Iowa. We carry several Isabel Bloom pieces. If you are looking for a specific piece, please give us a call a 319.377.4195.

Willow tree Scuptures

Share your sentiments

Share your sentiments with the gift of a Willow Tree sculpture. These pieces bring warmth to the heart and show you care. Let us help select the piece for your needs.


Available While Supplies Last

in honor of someone special

In honor of someone special, a gift card can be a touching gesture allowing loved ones the opportunity to choose a personal remembrance at an appropriate time.

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