Fertilizing & Weed Control

Lawn Mowing

Regular maintenance for fertilizer and weed control treatments throughout the year is the BEST WAY to create a beautiful healthy lawn. At Culver's we apply PROFESSIONAL GRADE PRODUCTS, that make a difference!

Our skilled and licensed technicians will help rid your lawn of ugly and unwanted weeds. We will also take the time to meet with you personally and analyze just what your particular lawn care program should be for your particular situation. We inspect first before assuming your needs for applying insecticides and pesticides. It is important that the timing of these products is correct to ensure proper effectiveness and results.

After ALL Granular Applications, Culver's will take the time to remove all granular product off the surrounding cement and patio/deck areas. These areas will be blown off therefore leaving your property in good care.

Culver's Lawn Care Treatment Program Options

Premium Program
6 treatments

  • Early Spring
  • Late Spring
  • Summer
  • Early Fall
  • Late Fall
  • Winterizer

Regular Program
5 Treatments

  • Early Spring
  • Late Spring
  • Summer
  • Early Fall
  • Late Fall

Economy Program
4 Treatments

  • Early Spring
  • Late Spring
  • Early Fall
  • Late Fall

Custom Applications

Culver's can also treat your lawn needs with a customized approach. We can help with fungicides, insecticides, mole control, and more. We offer both traditional and organic solutions. Feel free to talk more about your particular needs with a Culver's Lawn Care Technician.

Seasonal Applications

Green Grass For Spring

Early Spring

Start your year off right with a Granular Pre-Emergent Fertilizer. This will get your lawn looking green right away. Plus by applying the pre-emergent, you will be reducing crabgrass, foxtail and other annual grassy weeds that tend to pop up later in the Spring months. The technicians at Culver's are licensed and insured and incur ongoing annual training. Granular fertilizer will promote a fast start to the growing season.

By selecting Culver's to apply you will receive applications at the proper time and the amount of product used for your lawn will be appropriate. This first application will set the tone for the rest of the year.

Late Spring Dandelion and weed control

Late Spring

This application is performed in late April or at the beginning of May. Culver's second treatment will consist of a Liquid Broadleaf Weed Control and Fertilizer. This is the one that will battle your dandelions and rid other ugly broadleaf weeds popping up in your lawn. Creeping Charlie is a major broadleaf weed that can be difficult to kill, however, our products do an excellent job in ridding your lawn of these hard to control weeds.

A Culver's technician will also take the time to inspect for any SNOW MOLD that occurs at this time. This damage will reveal discolored patches and is caused from snow sitting on lawns during the winter months with variable up and down temperatures. Our treatment combined with warmer temperatures will help bring the lawn right back.

Grub Control


During the Summer months Culver's will apply a Granular Slow Release Fertilizer. With the help of a regular water maintenance schedule, this will keep your lawn looking green even during a pretty harsh drought! Dry granular fertilizer applied in the summer during extended dry weather has been shown to bring back a yard out of dormancy quicker than a lawn that goes untreated during this time. GRUB ACTIVITY is high at this time.

This is the optimal time to inspect and treat for any insect activity occurring in your lawn. The white grub (shown pictured) created by the Masked European Chaffer (June Bug) are the main turf destroying insects in Iowa and the Midwest area. At Culver's we apply a preventative insecticide that is a grub control that must be watered in within 3 or 4 days of the application. This treatment consists of an EPA approved and registered product which is proven to provide excellent results. Once brown patches and or discoloration occurs and or loose turf, the lawn is in a retroactive phase. It may not be too late, however, immediate curative control is warranted and will require another product that activates and kills within 24 hours. This is usually a late summer - early Fall application. Japanese Beetle larvae can be controlled in the turf also, but here's the catch. Most if not all of your damage from Japanese Beetles may be caused from them flying into your yard from adjacent untreated properties. That is why it is again important for a licensed Culver's technician to apply grub control and therefore keep your lawn grub free the whole season. Dry spot treatment of weeds will also be done as needed at this time and is a part of your application.

Weeds and Creeping Charlie

Early Fall

When the temperatures begin to cool off again in late September, we will be applying a Liquid Broadleaf Weed Control once again combined with our fertilizer. This is also a perfect time of the year to start planning for any seeding that may need to be done. Seeding can usually be applied within 5 days after this application. Late season lingering insect activity will also be assessed, especially for clients that did not choose to apply a grub control preventative.

At this time the technician may also speak with you in regard to your lawn's need for any core aerations and or power raking that would be of benefit to your lawn.

Granular Fertilizer Application

Late Fall

This application usually begins in October and will be a Granular Fertilizer which will help establish nutrients for the root system from the stresses of the summer months. By thickening the root system, you will develop a healthier and more disease resistant lawn for the next year. Vigorous growth takes place in the root system and not just above ground.

This is the best time of the year for nutrient uptake. Power Raking at this time of the year also removes the dead thatch therefore enabling a better air exchange between the earth and air.

Granular Fertilizer Application


Winterizer is usually applied in early November. The application consists of a similar Granular Fertilizer like the late Fall application, however it is intended more as a food reserve to hold over until Spring. This has also been shown to reduce snow mold and provides a quick start up once Spring arrives.

Winterizer is usually applied in early November. The application consists of a similar Granular Fertilizer like the late Fall application, however it is intended more as a food reserve to hold over until Spring. This has also been shown to reduce snow mold and provides a quick start up once Spring arrives.

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