Planting Seeds


We are looking forward to 2021.

Vegetables to plant


Start planning now for next spring!

Herbs To Plant


A few herbs are still available.

Grapes and Berries to plant

Berries & Grapes

What will you grow in 2021?

Fruit to Grow


Everbearing and June Bearing, available May 2021.

Fruit trees to plant

Fruit Trees

We are looking forward to fruit tree season, April 2021.

More information on edibles...

Check out Culver's interactive blog! We've created the Culver's Garden Blog just for you. Learn about different annuals, tropicals, and more. We teach you how to care for plants, give you garden ideas, and more! Check out the edibles category of our blog now!

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Visit Our Garden Blog

Culver’s Grown Varieties

Culver's Edible Plants

Love fresh herbs, veggies, or fruit? Why not grow your own?

We've selected herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees perfect for our climate and zone.

Have a question on availability, feel free to give us a call at 319.377.4195 or contact us online. View last season's List

Need Help Finding A Plant?

Explore our plant finder to find just the right plant for you. Search the plants, create a wish list, and bring it in to Culver's. While the plant finder has most of the plants we carry, please give us a call at 319.377.4195 or contact us online to check on availability.

Please note: the plant finder does not represent our current inventory, only plants that we regularly grow or stock.


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