Core Aeration

Aeration of Lawn

At Culver's we strongly recommend that the core aeration process be performed at a minimum of once annually but if possible two times a year is extremely beneficial, especially for lawns growing on heavy clay and in Iowa and the Midwest. We aerate many lawns in the Spring and Fall. "Core" Aeration is simply letting your lawn breath. The soil beneath the turf needs the exchange with the air to provide the proper nutrients for the lawn itself. Aeration involves removing "plugs", closely together through out the entire lawn with the use of an operator and machine.

Aeration Benefits:

  • Breakdown of thatch buildup
  • Reduces compacted soil
  • Allows fertilizer applications to have a stronger and therefore more efficient uptake
  • Establishes a stronger root system
  • Air is allowed to reach the soil and exchange with the atmosphere
  • Better establishment of a healthier lawn will improve watering needs and make more durable during drought stress

Power Raking

Power Raking removes dead thatch

Power Raking will remove the buildup of dead thatch in your lawn that may have accumulated over the winter months. At Culver's we mostly power rake in the Spring, however, we also do it in the Fall. It is important that the operator is knowledgeable in the machine operation, as improper use can severely damage a lawn.

We do receive 911 lawn calls once in a while to help repair what a homeowner has tried to do themselves and damage occurred. A great deal of power rakes also take place during the early Spring so that any seeding of the lawn can take place and work more effectively. It starts your lawn off for a healthier year ahead!

Power Raking Benefits:

  • Less disease and insects
  • Better establishment of seed
  • Reduction of thatch buildup
  • Better water utilization

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