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Garden Center - Seasonal & Holiday

  • Seasonal Color

    Accent with beautiful plants and foliage to bring out the beauty of the season.

  • Home Decor

    Collect a NEW treasure each year.

  • Great Gifts

    Put a smile on someone's face, and show just how much you really do care.

  • Gourmet Foods

    For tasty treats that will bring happiness and delight.

The Holidays at Culver's!

Easter Gifts

The Holidays are the time when Culver's Garden Center & Greenhouse becomes a winter wonderland. Our greenhouse is full of beautiful decor and fresh and our Garden Center is filled with gorgeous holiday decor, poinsettias, and trend setting home decor. Come see for yourself why we were voted one of America's Revolutionary 100 Garden Centers! Looking for a deal, visit our Specials Page for the latest items on sale. We are open for the season until December 30th. Come visit before we reopen for Spring 2017 on March 1st!

Seasonal Decorating Tips

  • 1. Start with the front porch
    Make your home inviting and welcome the NEW season. Place some fresh winter greens in your front porch pots! Greens can brighten up any empty pot. Add berries and twigs for a pop of color and texture. Make sure to spray the greens with an antidessicant to keep them fresh longer.
  • 2. Add a Wreath To Your Door
    Wreaths are welcoming and will liven up any entrance. At Culver's we carry many different sizes and types. Our silk lines are extraordinary! Selections include silk evergreens, boxwoods, and berries. We also carry fresh wreaths during the holidays!
  • 3.Rotate Your Accent Pillows
    Put away your autumn inspired accent pillows and replace with holiday.
  • 4. Add a NEW Holiday Accessory
    Change the interior of your home quick and easily by adding decor that accent the Holiday Season with warm inviting colors. Replace your pictures that adorn your walls to winter scenes or holiday themes to change up the look of your interior decor. Switch your scents to warm spices or even the smell of fresh evergreens. All of these can be done with a visit to Culver's Garden Center!
  • 5. Bring in the Green
    Winter is a great time to add a new plant to that lonely corner, or a poinsettia to your table or kitchen counter. Live plants are the perfect way to bring nature in and offer good health before the new year.

A Shopping Destination To Experience ....

Something for every season and everybody.

Get inspired around every corner you turn at Culver's. We constantly change out our inventory and offer what's HOT for the season to come. We carry collections that blend various styles, from wall art to home decor, including signature pieces. We are not a big box retailer, we are locally owned and operated and love to seek out finds from our conversations we have with you. Our products are exceptional and will enliven your outdoors as well as your indoors.

Don't Forget The Kids

Teach them the importance of gardening. If you aren't a pro, ask one of our associates for help. If you aren't a lover of outdoor gardening, fairy and miniature gardens are a great thing for kids. They can use their imagination to create a one of a kind garden in "miniature" form.

Some of Culver's Amazing Seasonal Selections 

  • Holiday Cards
  • Artificial silks and foliage
  • Seasonal wines and wine accessories
  • Glassware, candles, and ornaments
  • Tabletop decorative accessories
  • Miniature gardening supplies
  • Jewelry and pieces to accessorize yourself

Enjoy A Little Seasonal Inspiration....

We offer a new experience every time you step through the doors!

We try to carry items that you may not find just anywhere else. Guests come back often and are pleasantly surprised when they do!

Spring Decorations

Gourmet Dips, Mixes, Barbecue and More....

Enjoy gourmet edibles that are easy and quick to make. These will make the perfect hostess gift and also deliver exquisite tastes! Watch for what we are bringing in tasty to Culvers for SPRING 2013. Yum!

Dips and Gourmet Foods
Create A Healthier Environment With A Plant!

Research has revealed that houseplants can remove 87 percent of the toxins in our homes and work places in just 2 days! These harmful toxins include formaldehyde (emitted from carpet and furniture), benzene (found in paper products and office equipment), and carbon monoxide.

Take the time to learn more about the purpose of houseplants today by watching this YouTube video - It's O2 for YOU!