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Grow Healthier Trees and Shrubs

Disease and Insect Control
Monitor Disease and Insect Infestations Annually

In order for your tree or shrub to thrive you DO NOT want to OVERLOOK hidden diseases and insects that can cause SEVERE DAMAGE if gone unnoticed.

Pruning Services

At Culver's we will discuss with you all your trimming needs. We offer a complete service that consists of a well trained staff that are ready and able to help!. Most importantly our staff is experienced in this area only will use high quality tools, which assures a better cut and therefore better maintenance for the tree and shrub.

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Maintenance - Pruning

Pruning Trees and Shrubs
When and Why to Prune

PROPER PRUNING and TIIMING is critical to the overall health and growth of many tress and shrubs. It may not be necessary to prune every year, however, it is wise to inspect annually. New insect infested wood may be occurring and therefore the actual life of the tree or shrub may be at stake. Pruning is mostly performed in the Spring and Fall, before flowering and new growth appears.

Purposes and Benefits of Pruning

  • Safety
    Interfering branches that are out of control could cause harm to others in the surrounding area. Taller branches that are dead may fall during normal weather or in the case of severe weather occurrences which could cause severe injury.
  • Removal of Diseases or Insect Infested Limbs
    An annual inspection would help to identify the areas where a new insect infestation has taken place. Proper pruning would be performed remove these from the tree or shrub and could perhaps save the life overall.
  • Formation and Aesthetic Appearance
    Some trees and shrubs may require more pruning maintenance than others. At Culver's our knowledgeable staff can help you identify which ones they are and how to keep them appearing as they should. Flower production will also increase, providing more blooms and a nicer looking shrub. Often trees will grow taller and establish a better trunk formation also.
Culver's Trimming and Pruning makes a difference!
Small Fruit Tree Pruned Spruce Trimmed Maple Tree